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Bali's Top Five Must See Waterfalls - Secret and Not So Secret | Things to See in Bali

Bali has enough waterfalls to fill a fortnights trip, maybe more. I've been to the majority of them now and picked out my top five. Enjoy!...

Tibumana Falls | Bali's Secret Waterfalls

One of the most minimal and yet stunning waterfalls I have ever seen. Despite it being one of the closest waterfalls to Ubud, Tibumana is still relatively untouched by mass tourism and gets far fewer visitors than the likes of Gitgit and Tegenungan. I had the falls all to myself before 07:00AM on two occasions and shared it with a handful of locals and a couple of tourists on another visit, at about midday. 

Instagram: @lauriecrayston

Instagram: @lauriecrayston

As with all of Bali's waterfalls the amount of water flowing at any one time can drastically change the appearance. I've seen some photo's of this one where the water is divided into two. The water around the falls itself is in the most part fairly shallow. Take care though - I've seen plenty of people swim in here trouble free but I managed to cut my foot on some wire under the surface on my first attempt, hence the shoes in the above image..

Behind the scenes with @emilyforests at Tibumana falls.

Behind the scenes with @emilyforests at Tibumana falls.

The area around Tibumana is pretty large and you can wander quite far down the river with the falls still in sight so there's quite a lot of opportunity for some varied photography here.

How to find Tibumana Falls | Secret Waterfall Near Ubud

From Ubud it takes about 20 minutes on a moped to get to Tibumana. The route itself is fairly straightforward - see the map below. For a sweet place to stay check out Tukad Mas Bungalows - it's just off the main road out of town that you'll need to be on to get to both Tibumana and also Tukad Cepung (the next falls on this post).

Tukad Cepung Waterfall | Bali's Cave Waterfall

This is my favourite Balinese waterfall, not only for the falls itself but for the mini adventure involved in getting to it as well as the point of first sight. Once you leave the road you must trek about a kilometre through lush jungle, down into a ravine and finally squeeze yourself between huge boulders before first laying eyes on this incredible sight. As with Tibumana I've visited this place three times. It's again not the most well known of waterfalls despite it's beauty - in fact it's probably visited even less than it's neighbour. But the cave in which it sits is very small, so it doesn't take much for things to feel a little cramped. It's also not the most easy to photograph if there are other people around.

Because of the trek to the falls I don't recommend arriving in the dark (as I would with the majority of others) but definitely aim to be starting your trek at first light. Maybe I was just unlucky, but I never had this waterfall entirely to myself.

Posing for others at Tukad Cepung.

Posing for others at Tukad Cepung.

One good thing about this waterfall from a photographic p.o.v is that there isn't masses of light here - so you can generally get motion blur at any time of the day, without using filters.

Where is Tukad Cepung Waterfall?

This waterfall is really close to Tibumana and you can do them both quite easily in little over two hours from Ubud. See the map below for exact location. Again, I'd recommend staying in Tukad Mas Bungalows for easy access to this one.

Banyumala Waterfall | Bali's Best Waterfalls

This absolutely picture perfect waterfall is the furthest from Ubud on my top five and involves a bit of mission to get there. You're looking at two hours plus on a moped from Ubud before you even get to the road end - from there you have to travel over 4km on some very dodgy roads (the term road used very loosely). I've only been to these falls once and it was after a couple of hours of torrential rain so the roads were probably a lot harder to navigate than in normal conditions - but either way it's worth the trip. This is also by far the most 'swimmable' waterfall I've experience in Bali.

Banyumala Waterfall - @lauriecrayston

Banyumala Waterfall - @lauriecrayston

Map of Banyumala Waterfall | Bali's Secret Waterfalls

Munduk Waterfall | Best Waterfalls in Bali

This was my first Balinese waterfall and although I've since found several better, Munduk will always hold great memories and is definitely recommended. It's not too far from Banyumala so worth stopping off either afterwards or beforehand.

Before I got a tan.... @lauriecrayston

Before I got a tan.... @lauriecrayston

How to Get to Munduk Waterfall | Bali's Best Waterfalls

Tegenungan Waterfall | Best Waterfalls Bali

An incredibly popular waterfall not too far from both Kuta and Ubud. It's a great swimming spot and get's really busy during the day. It's by no means the most photogenic of Bali's waterfalls but it's definitely worth the trip, for the swim if nothing else.

How to Find Tegenungan Waterfall | Bali's Best Waterfalls


Gitgit Waterfall | Best Waterfalls Bali

Waterfall number six? Bali's highest and probably most famous waterfall, but if I'm honest, my least favourite of all, and as a result, I'd suggest that if there's other waterfalls you haven't seen yet, go see them first.

It's a long way from Ubud, Kuta and Seminyak etc. (the usual accommodation centers) and I was very underwhelmed by it. It's also the busiest of the waterfalls, apart from possibly Tegenungan, so you need to be here very very early to have it by yourself. Even as I left this fall at about 08:00AM there was a large tour group arriving. 

GoPro Selfie in Gitgit Waterfall - @lauriecrayston

GoPro Selfie in Gitgit Waterfall - @lauriecrayston

How to get to Gitgit Waterfall | Getting to Bali's Highest Waterfall

To get to Gitgit from the south you have to travel up into the mountains and past Lakes Beratan & Buyan before dropping down towards the North Coast. It's a gorgeous drive but you'll take the same route towards Munduk & Banyumala.

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