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How To Maximise Your Instagram Exposure - In Just 20 Minutes a Day!

How To Maximise Your Instagram Exposure - In Just 20 Minutes a Day!

I have no doubt that without IG I wouldn't be where I am today. I currently have four Instagram accounts, a personal one, one for each of my brands and one promoting the beauty of my homeland, the Lake District. Together they have a collective reach of over 40,000 followers.

If you're just starting out or have been plugging away for a while with minimal success then this is the article for you!

Instagram helped me to live a life I'd only ever been able to dream about before - @lauriecrayston

Instagram helped me to live a life I'd only ever been able to dream about before - @lauriecrayston

In my view the following will help you to get the most from your Instagram account in just 20 minutes a day. I recommend you do however spend an initial couple of hours preparing everything you need. These suggestions only really apply to those who want to grow their accounts; if you’re Instagramming solely to keep a record of your life or let your family see what you’ve been up to then most of this won’t apply. However if your business relies on Instagram or you’re trying to get noticed for whatever reason then you may find this information useful.

I’ve read a lot about the best ways to maximise exposure on Instagram - some good, some bad – and I’ve tried a lot of different things over the course of the last couple of years; growing both my personal Instagram account and Ascendancy Apparel’s. The majority of suggestions below apply to both individuals and businesses, but some are solely for individuals – this should be apparent. It’s all about exposure when starting out and growing your account. You might have awesome content but if no one is going to see it you’ll never grow, these tips will help you to maximise exposure and give you the best possible chance of growing your account.

A Few Points to Get Started

It’s important to get these things right before you start looking to build your following; putting effort into gaining exposure will be in vain if people don’t like what they see when they check out your account.

1.      Post consistently. It’s alright to post a couple of genres and the odd pic out of sync but a lack of consistency can often be the difference between a professional looking account and a very personal looking one.

2.      Post quality. Don’t let your good photos be dragged down by your lesser ones; your quality has to be at least as consistent as your theme.

3.      Post daily. If you haven’t got enough quality photos to post daily then post every other day, if you can’t do this then get more photos - people want to follow active accounts that will provide fresh, quality content regularly (more on this below). Nevertheless quality over quantity, use your common sense with this and the previous point; it’s no good posting daily if your posts aren’t all equal standard.

Now you’re ready to get your account in front of as many people who might like it as possible, easier said than done right? Read on....

Follow me on Instagram - @lauriecrayston

Follow me on Instagram - @lauriecrayston

The Big Players

Work out what the largest and most influential accounts are in your field, find out their hashtags and start to compile a list. Using specific account hashtags will be much more beneficial than generic ones related to your photos. Although you’ll get more likes using generic tags these will most probably be from people who want you to follow them rather than anything else. Using specific account hashtags, like #travelchannel over #travel, will give your photos a better chance of being reposted - this will get them seen by people with a genuine interest in the genre and these are the people who are most likely to become active followers.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Hashtags

Fortunately or unfortunately you are only able to use a maximum of thirty hashtags on each image you post. Using the tags you’ve compiled in step one, form a list/template and keep this on your phone in notepad or equivalent; you can then copy and paste this each time you post. If you post multiple genres of pics then have multiple templates. Although be careful how varied your posts become – as above, be consistent - being too diverse may hinder your progress. Currently I have a template for each individual area from which I post photos, this includes the large travel account tags but also the smaller more specific area accounts like #lakelandphoto or #explorebali.

Ask For Help in Return for Help

Get in touch with similar accounts via dm and ask them for a share for share. This is where you give them a shout out and they repay the favour, or vice versa. These are often best spread out so as to appear more natural. Generally people are happy to be pointed in the direction of an account they may like and will check it out. This isn’t something you want to do too often though as it will get in the way of your own posts and divert from your page. Be picky about who you share also; sharing irrelevant accounts that your followers aren’t going to enjoy will more than likely have a detrimental effect on your own Instagram and you’re unlikely to get much in the way of interest from the returning share.

One a Day Keeps The Unfollowers at Bay

As above, I recommend posting only once a day. Some large accounts can get away with more, @canonuk or @travelchannel for example. But, they have lots of awesome user generated content to share. If you’re relatively small and quite niche then once a day is probably enough, two or three times at the most - but spread these out across the day. Posting similar photos numerous times on the bounce can deter potential followers or even annoy current followers who like to see a bit of variety as they scroll down their feed.

Rex Smeal Park, Port Douglas - @lauriecrayston

Rex Smeal Park, Port Douglas - @lauriecrayston

Help Out Some Brands & Get Free Stuff

Find active brand accounts and see if you have any of their stuff, then get creative! Tagging a brand like Ascendancy Apparel in a photo in which you’re wearing their gear might get you a repost, again creating exposure. Once you grow your follower base you may want to contact brands and ask for freebies in return for a few shout outs or an ambassador-like role. You probably need a few thousand dedicated followers before considering this though.

Get Involved

Be active within your genre; pick a hashtag or two that’s relevant to what you’re doing. For this, pick more generic hashtags than specific account ones, and have a scroll through the photos tagged with them. Although more generic still go for more niche tags; this is because larger tags like #travel will already be getting a lot of attention and you’re like or comment is less likely to be noticed. Generic tags that are still niche enough will usually have anywhere between 200,000 and 1,000,000 posts. #lakedistrict is a good example and one from which I found a lot of great accounts/gained a lot of followers when starting out. Once you pick your tags just like and comment as you see fit (but don’t spam). People will notice and in a lot of cases will check you out. If they like what you’re doing then they’ll stick around.

Instagram has become an invaluable tool for me and something, without which, I would almost certainly not be where I am today – sat in my Brisbane Hotel room surrounded by blue skies! Instagram has so far helped me achieve my ideals and I hope the above can help you to! If you’d like any further info then shoot me an email or click contact below.

Brisbane at night, from Kangaroo Point - @lauriecrayston

Brisbane at night, from Kangaroo Point - @lauriecrayston

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