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Getting To Magnetic Island & Getting Around Once You're There

Getting To Magnetic Island From Townsville

Fantasea Ferry

If you're taking your car over to Magnetic Island then this is the ferry company you'll need to use. They're located on the South side of the river and you can find up to-date-prices here.

Sealink Ferry

The Sealink ferry is the best option for 99% of backpackers and those travelling across on foot, unless you're staying at Adventure Backpackers. The Sealink Ferry to Magnetic Island leaves from the same place that the Greyhound or Premier bus will drop you off, in Townsville. Most people get off the bus and straight onto the ferry but I'd recommend having a couple of days in this city - here's why.

Up-to-date ferry times and prices for Sealink can be found here.

Getting Around on Magnetic Island


The buses are easy to use, frequent and relatively inexpensive, at just a couple of dollars per trip. The full timetable can be found here.

Car Hire (Including Barbie & Topless Cars)

Many of you will have seen the Instagram photos of these. They cost around $70 a day per car and can be hired through your accomodation provider. The only issue I have with them is that they are unable to access some parts of the island - for this you'll need a 4x4, below.

4X4 Hire

As good as they might look in your Instagram photo's you won't be able to access all of the island in a barbie car. For Radical Bay and West Point beaches you'll need a 4x4. Slight more expensive than the former, 4x4's cost around $80 a day. As with the barbie cars your accommodation provider should be able to arrange hire for you.

Hitch Hiking

This is a bit hit and miss but a great, cost-effective way of getting around, if you have plenty of time. We actually picked up a lady who was living on Magnetic Island and had been a resident there for some time - so it definitely works here!

There is only one main road on the island too so as long as you can all but guarantee potential rides are heading in your direction, as long as you're stood on the right side of the road.

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