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Top Five Things To Do On Magnetic Island, Queensland

Have a night at Base Backpackers - Ideally Monday or Full Moon Magnetic Island

Monday night at Base is bingo night. Sounds fairly unexciting right? Go check it out for yourself, it gets messy! Base Magnetic Island is also home to Australia's Full Moon Party. They usually have some decent live music and just a generally large party, again go check it out!

Find a Wild Koala or Hug a Friendly One

The best place to see these little guys in their natural environment is on the hike to the forts (see below). Or, if you want to hold one you can go to Bungalow Bay YHA.

Koala selfie - @lauriecrayston

Koala selfie - @lauriecrayston

Visit the Beaches

There are 23 beaches in total on Magnetic Island. To see all of these you'll need to hire a 4x4 (I talk more about this here). Radical Bay is a must-see in my opinion, on the East of island. The drive there is pretty fun too!

Hike up to the Forts

The forts on Magnetic Island can be found 5-10 minutes drive East from the ferry terminal and are at the end of 20-30 minute hike. The walk starts at the turn off for Radical Bay, there's a decent sized car park at the end of the road that you can't really miss. The bus will also drop you here.


Hire a 4x4 or Barbie Car on Magnetic Island

Hiring transport on Magnetic Island is relatively cheap and easy. I've written in more detail about it here.


Map of Magnetic Island

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