Ubud Gym - Ubud Fitness Center

The most well kitted out gym I've found in Asia so far (15/09/2016). Ubud Fitness Center has everything and is one of the only places I've come across that has both a bench press and squat rack installed. Compared to Massa's down the road though it is quite expensive. At 85,000 IDR a day you're pretty much paying Western prices.

Details as of 01/09/2016:

Cost: 85,000 IDR per day

Dumbells: Up to 30kg

Barbell w/ plates: Approx. 200kg

Bench Press: Yes

Squat Rack: Yes

Entry Requirements: Trainers necessary - no flip flops allowed.

A more cost-effective and equally well equipped gym in Ubud is Massa's Fitness.